Self Check-In

Read through this guide to get prepared for your check-in experience.



The lockbox is located next to the parking entrance. The parking entrance is located at the corner of Piedmont Avenue and Currier Street. If taking a cab or rideshare, instruct your driver to drive past the building entrance and make a left on Currier Street. The parking entrance will be the first on the left, marked by a yellow overhanging pole with height restrictions.


Once you go into the parking garage, you will see a gate with bicycle locks on it. The lockbox is on these rails right across from the parking entrance. It will be painted blue with the letter C on the front. Push down the small black door covering the combination numbers. Put in the code 4055 and press the small black lever next to the numbers down. The door of the lockbox will open and your key fob will be inside. The black key will give you access to the building, its amenities, and your room.


Close the lockbox, scramble the combination, and pull the black door up over the combination numbers.



Go to the first door on the left. Insert your black key into the slot below the call box on the wall. Once you hear a click, go through that door and the door after it. You will be in a long hallway. Go down this hallway and make a right. Walk to the end of this hallway and you will see an elevator on the right. Take this elevator up to floor 4. Once you reach your floor and exit the elevator, go to unit 4055.



If you order food or have guests, please get them from the door near the parking entrance through which you entered the building. Be sure to keep your fob with you so that you can get back into your room. If your guest requires parking access, your guest can pull to the entrance of the parking garage and use the call box on the right side of the gate to call up to your unit in order to gain access. The callbox gate code is #4055. While access must be granted to enter the parking garage, the exit gate will open automatically for all cars that are exiting.


Checkout is on or before 11am. Please strip all used bedding and place in front of the washer. All towels can be left in a pile in the bathroom. Leave the keys and parking pass, if applicable, on the kitchen counter upon checkout.


Before you leave the residence to get your car, take the parking fob with you. It is a small black square with a button in the middle. You will press the button in the middle when you drive up to the black gate at the entrance of the parking garage and park on the 4th floor.


Because we are a corporate housing company, the leasing office is not available to our guests. Hence, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me directly.