Self Check-In

Read through this guide to get prepared for your check-in experience.

Smyrna Home Check-In Instructions

Your residence is now ready! 

Address: 1020 Rohner Way, Smyrna GA.
House Number: 1020

Before arriving, please note that this is a very quiet residential area. Be mindful of others. Once you receive the address, please make sure you are able to locate your home. This home is the second home from the cul de sac on the same side as the mailboxes. You will see a grey vase with purple flowers sitting close to the door and two flags in the yard to the left of the driveway. If you have a hard time finding your residence, please make sure to give us a call. We do not want to disturb other residents. 

Momentarily, you will receive a text notification with a link to download the August App. When you have completed the download, you should choose the blue button option that says “I RECEIVED AN INVITE”. This option will give you access to the residence. Inside the residence, you will find the keys to the front door. Throughout your stay, you will have the option to lock the front door via key or August App. Please confirm when you have gained access to the residence via August App.